I’m an entrepreneurial lawyer in downtown Toronto, Canada. I provide sound and timely legal advice to startups and small businesses, to help them focus on what they do best – their business. I give a full range of legal services, including incorporation, partnership agreements, drafting contracts, dealing with employees, buying and selling businesses, or helping you to find real estate. I believe in doing business face-to-face, because it’s all about relationships. I believe that small business and the people who run them are the foundation of successful communities. I’m lucky to have passionate and hardworking clients who run ethical, environmentally and socially conscious businesses.

I’m also the part-owner of Ontario’s fifth craft distillery, a proud army reservist and Bosnia veteran, and a volunteer with Global Medic’s disaster response team. I love this city, and the people and places that make it what it is. Leafs in the winter, Jays in the summer, and travel at the drop of a hat.


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  1. Thank-you very much. I spent hours and hours searching the internet for a proper answer to my nagging question concerning my landlords right to enter my rental unit unannounced, not just because he has an annoying habit of showing up at his convenience without proper written notice in advance, but now, after a heavy rain caused damage to the floors in my apartment, I couldn’t tell from all the internet mumbo jumbo, nor the RTA what exactly constitutes an emergency concerning this particular circumstance, and my right to deny him access. I’m not trying to be a dick to him, it’s just a matter of privacy and scheduling, to know ahead of time that there will be activity taking place, since the flooding is a week and a half past, and he is attempting to affect repairs. Aside from that, I didn’t want to inadvertently prevent him from exercising his right of unannounced entry due to emergency, and compromise myself. T
    he landlord told me yesterday that the rules of RTA don’t apply to him or this (4 unit) apartment building. He also denies responsibility for water damage, which I dispute, as it came in through existing holes in the mortar between bricks, after pooling behind the building, while running in a torrent down the brick wall from a leaking and clogged eavestrough drainpipe, and also pooling there due to a drain tile that collects water from the lawn and drains it back towards the building, because it’s exit is actually higher than the end which is attached to the elbow of the drainpipe. In addition to all that, he just shows up and dictates that he will be ripping up all the floors, moving my belongings around, which will consequentially block my access to almost all of my apartment for the duration. He also never even looked beneath the floor, to check if there was additional damage to a subfloor, and I wouldn’t want to have that also become a matter for repair, when he moves all my stuff around and blocks up my apartment, causing me to live standing in a corner for an indeterminate time. He also denies the water came through the wall, and has done little or nothing to prevent it recurring, which is laughable, since he is actively replacing the damaged floors. But worst of all, when I requested that he know his rights in the matter and follow proper procedures, while asserting that I wasn’t actively denying him, only requesting that he give fair warning in writing if necessary, and requesting some resolution as to my accommodation during the repair process, because I have no money and no other place to stay, he blew me off, became angry, stated he was not going to do it, then said he would leave it until it got mold, insinuating he would hold me responsible, and sarcastically remarked “What do you want me to do, put you up in a room at the Raddison?”. Then he stormed out and told me that I “Better get a Lawyer!”. Now today, the next day, about a week since the flood, I overheard him saying to the floor guy, that I didn’t want him in my apartment, which is total B.S., and another of his many lies. I just want the creep to follow the rules.

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